Arts and Culture

Pointe Coupee Parish lies in the heart of Acadiana, and boasts a rich cultural heritage that embodies the traditions of the Deep South, and specifically, South Louisiana.  This history continues to be preserved, celebrated, and built upon for future generations, as it has been for generations past.

Pointe Coupee Historical Society

Founded in 1975, the Society has and continues to present history talks and exhibits, roundtable discussions, educational programs for students and teachers, concerts, plays, films, as well as locally acquired collections of historical significance.  Additionally, the Society actively places, preserves, and maintains monuments and historical markers throughout Pointe Coupée Parish.
The Society is located in the Julien Poydras Museum and Arts Center.

Julien Poydras Museum and Arts Center

Built in 1924, the building was named for renowned planter and philanthropist Julien Poydras.  Poydras died at his principal residence in Pointe Coupée and established a fund for public education in his last will and testament. His final resting place is on the grounds, marked by a grand monument and marker.  The Center currently operates as a museum and community cultural center, hosting art and history exhibits, a speaker series, annual book fairs, as well as music, dance and theater events, to name a few.
The Julien Poydras Museum and Arts Center is located at 500 W Main St. in downtown New Roads.

Arts Council of Pointe Coupee

A non-profit since 2002, the Arts Council is involved in providing art-related experiences for children and adults in area schools as well as the community.  Their mission is accomplished through professional instruction, performances, and exhibitions designed to develop skills, appreciation and enjoyment.  The Arts Council hosts quality and engaging cultural programs annually, including its renowned Treasures of Pointe Coupée exhibition, which showcases the remarkable artistic talent of the members of the community and beyond.
The Arts Council is located in the Annex of the Julien Poydras Museum and Arts Center.

Centre for the Arts

The Centre for the Arts exists to create an environment for children and adults to discover, nurture, and expand their artistic abilities. A core belief of the Centre is that the arts unite people from all backgrounds and transform people and their communities.
The Centre is located at 1102 W Main St., just outside of downtown New Roads.

Pointe Coupee Parish Library

The Pointe Coupee Parish Library system has five libraries to serve every area of the parish. Each Library has a large collection of books, audiocassettes, DVDs and more. The library also offers a wide variety of specialized databases for research, from book reviews to auto repair manuals; everyone can find something of interest. Can’t find what you want? The Pointe Coupee Parish Library also offers Inter-Library Loans which allows for the borrowing of books from nearly anywhere in the country.

Public access computers are provided in all library locations. Internet access on a filtered terminal is available with sites suitable for use by children. The library provides rapid Internet access and also has wireless Internet access. The Pointe Coupee Parish Library offers a wide array of services for all members of the community. The public libraries sponsor reading programs, special events, meetings, author signings and other services such as test prep and learning courses throughout the year.

The library has expanded its Historical Materials Collection of photographs, papers and books related to the history of this unique area. The collection contains materials that are some of the rarest of their kind in the United States, including rare photographs and documents that show the lives and times of the people of Louisiana as far back as the Civil War. These photographs and documents are being collected, preserved and shared for future generations. Anyone who has an item they would like to donate may call 225- 638-9841 for more information.

Visit our website to see the library’s upcoming events and online services. Pointe Coupee Parish has a main library and four branches:

  • Main Library 201 Claiborne Street, New Roads, Louisiana 70760 (225) 638-9847
  • Innis Branch 4306 Nichols Avenue, Innis, LA 70747 (225) 492-2632
  • Morganza Branch 221 So. LA Hwy. 1, Morganza, LA 70759 (225) 694-2428
  • Julian Poydras Branch 4985 Julian Poydras Lane, Rougon, LA 70773 (225) 627-5846

Livonia Branch 3100 Hwy. 78, Livonia, LA 70755 (225) 637-2987

Pointe Coupee Parish Museum

Housed in an 18th-century building with hewn logs, dovetailed corners and 19th-century furnishings, the Pointe Coupee Museum is architecturally significant because it is a rare example of a log cabin type construction in a Creole type house.  This suggests a linkage to early French Canadian construction, and helps shed light on the ancestry of the first settlers in the area.
The Pointe Coupee Parish Museum is located at 8348 False River Road (State Hwy. 1) in New Roads. It is open 10:00am to 3:00pm daily and by appointment. Call 225-638-7788 for further information.

Historic Buildings and Landmarks

Pointe Coupee is a beautiful parish with a unique and colorful history that dates back more than three centuries. Whether it’s the plantation homes along False River or New Roads’ narrow, tree-lined streets that include outstanding examples of 19th century Creole and Victorian architecture, there’s a rich history around every bend in the roads you travel.  Step off of the beaten path and back in time to see these beautiful landmarks, many of which still function much as they have for centuries

Alma Sugarcane Plantation

Alma was located on land once owned by Pointe Coupee’s celebrated philanthropist, Julien Poydras. The original Alma Plantation House was constructed in 1789. The sugar mill is the only mill still in operation in Pointe Coupee.  The Alma Plantation home is no longer open to the public, but the sugar mill and a country store are open to visitors.  Located at 4389 Alma Rd., Lakeland; 225-627-6632.

Austerlitz Plantation

Built from 1832-35 by Antoine DeCuir, a free man of color, on 1,800 acres of land purchased from the Indians by his father in 1783. The house was named in honor of Napoleon’s victory at Austerlitz in 1805.

Bergeron’s Pecan Shelling Plant

Built in 1940 by H.J. Bergeron, the shelling plant is one of two in Louisiana still owned and operated by the Bergeron family.

Earnest Gaines Oak Tree

Located on the property of Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Bueche, the author Earnest J. Gaines would pass the oak tree each time he walked to the grocery store. He said he drew inspiration to write The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman sitting under the tree.

Gen. John Archer LeJeune Monument

Commemorates Gen. LeJeune, who was born on Old Hickory Plantation near Lacour. He was a former Commandant of the Marine Corps and Camp LeJeune, N.C. is named in his honor.

LeJeune House

7_LeJeuneHouseThis private house was built between 1800 and the 1840s.

Mon Coeur

This beautiful house towers with its massive columns above lush greenery and the view from the front porch of False River is one of the most beautiful.

Mon Reve

Was built in 1850 for the Bergerons and their 14 children. Many locals in New Roads can trace their ancestry back to the Bergeron family. The house was originally built as a raised Creole cottage, but was later remodeled with Victorian accents. It is now a bed & breakfast.

Morganza Spillway

A major flood diversion project of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Morganza Spillway, is located immediately north of the town. Construction on this mammoth work began in 1939 and was completed in 1955. High water of the Mississippi at a rate of 600,000 cubic feet per second is channeled to the Atchafalaya Basin and the Gulf of Mexico. The floodgates were used only twice—during the high water of 1973 and 2011.

Mount Zion Baptist Church

The church and first school of Earnest Gaines built in 1931. It was re-located by Earnest and Dianne Gaines to their property, a part of Riverlake where they built their home.

North Bend Properties

An early Creole raised plantation owned by Julien Poydras from 1800-1884. The house is surrounded by many native plants of Louisiana.

Parlange Plantation House

Built in 1750 by Marquis Claude Vincent de Ternant on a land grand from the French Crown. It was constructed completely from materials native to Pointe Coupee. It is still a working plantation

Pleasant View Plantation House

Built in 1750 by Marquis Claude Vincent de Ternant on a land grand from the French Crown. It was constructed completely from materials native to Pointe Coupee. It is still a working plantation

Pointe Coupee General Hospital

Completed in 1960, the hospital serves the people of the parish and is part of a medical campus.

Pointe Coupee Parish Court House

Dedicated in 1902, the structure dominates the center of downtown. The original building resembles a medieval castle and it houses the sheriff, assessor, clerk of court, courtrooms and the parish jail on the third floor.

Pointe Coupee Parish Museum and Tourist Center

A cottage constructed of “piece sur piece” style and recently restored in its original location.

Poydras High School Building

The school was completed in 1923 and was named for education pioneer Julien Poydras, considered the father of public education in Louisiana. It is now the Poydras Museum and Arts Center. The monument in front marks the burial place of Julien Poydras.

Randall Oak

Legend has it that poet James Ryder Randall wrote the famous poem “Maryland, My Maryland” on April 26, 1861 at this site. The great live oak has a trunk that is 34 feet in circumference and is 40 feet high with a 134-foot spread.

Riverlake Plantation House

Located off La. 1 in Oscar, this home is similar to the French houses built in the Caribbean. It was built around 1790 on a French land grant. The home is the birthplace of author Earnest Gaines.

St. Mary of False River Catholic Church and Cemetery

The present church was completed in 1929 when funds were available for the steeple. Restored in the 1970s. Stained glass windows were imported from Germany in 1938 and portray the 15 Mysteries of the Rosary, two of Christ’s miracles and several symbols of the Church.

St. Stephen's Episcopal Church

A historic church in Innis that was built in 1848 and was consecrated by Bishop Leonidas Polk. It is the oldest brick edifice in Pointe Coupee Parish. It is also home to a cemetery that features a monument to a Confederate Unknown Soldier, erected in 1901.

Satterfield’s Riverwalk and Restaurant

Built in 1917, the “Satterfield Motors” building in New Roads preserves a number of historic documents, artifacts and photographs from the early days of the parish’s history.

White Hall Plantation

Commissioned by a wealthy planter named Elias Norwood as the future home of one of his children, the plantation ended up in the hands of his son, Captain Samuel J. Norwood. Three years later, the Captain sold the estate to one Bennett Barton Simmes—a state senator, steamboat captain, general, and founder of nearby Simmesport—who helped author Louisiana’s Articles of Secession prior to the Civil War.

Zachary Taylor Parkway

The Zachary Taylor Parkway stretches 210 miles from Alexandria on the west to Poplarville, Miss. on the east and covers eight Louisiana parishes and one Mississippi county. Traveling through it you will encounter a diverse mix of small towns, scenic countryside, homegrown businesses, thriving agricultural areas, historic tourist attractions, magnificent plantations and starkly contrasting poverty.

National Register of Historic Places

Pointe Coupee Parish is home to over 30 properties listed with the National Register of Historic Places for their cultural and architectural significance. The list, which includes several local plantations and churches, is underscored by Parlange Plantation – also a National Historic Landmark.